Lela Star She pounced on the guy by surprise


You just have to see this guy’s face to realize that he was not even expected. And is that when this beautiful girl went to visit this well-known designer she was already more or less prepared, she wanted to fuck him. She had known him for a long time that this man had always put her on the wrong side. So you can imagine, a young 19 year old couple of a wealthy old man, but that fucks all the uncles that you want.
Of course your partner knows what a slut he is, but the fact that he is so fucking good makes up for everything. After pouncing on the designer the man was perplexed, but having on him such a female made his libido woke up. The young girl shortly after starting had already pulled her tail and was eating it whole, then it was she who gave her pussy to prove it.
It did not take long to penetrate that wet vagina while she enjoyed like the bitch she was. That’s right, the milk was all in his pretty face.


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